12 December 2013

Farm Callendar.

I first found out about The Great British Farm Project on twitter when I seen someone tweeting about the GBFP 2014 Calendar.


 I instantly thought of my best Friend, we had agreed that we weren't going to do Christmas presents but I knew I had to get it for her. Shes like me, a huge animal lover and she basically organises her life on her current calendar, you can't go wrong with a calendar, but I knew she'd especially love this one. She isn't opening it till Christmas day, but I don't know if she reads so ... SURPRISE MELODY if your are ...

 The calendar itself is awesome! All the pictures are of the farms rescue animals, and it tells their stories which hits home as to why this is such a great cause. Plus I fucking love farm animals, they are cute as hell!

You can buy the calendar here, its a great present for any animals lover and its helping the farm 365 day of the year! So worth it.


" We rescue and provide sanctuary for farm animals and horses in need.
We’re passionate about animal welfare, and operate a no-slaughter policy. That means we produce fleece and eggs from our rescue animals – and vegetables from our market garden – but not meat.

We believe in farming with nature, not against it. We farm organically, conserve and promote wildlife within a farming context.

We encourage the use of native UK livestock breeds – and think rare breeds have something particularly special to offer. A breeding programme is in place to help with the preservation of these wonderful breeds. All the animals help with our conservation grazing projects both here on the farm and also at other wildlife/special habitat locations.

We work to raise awareness of all these things, and to educate children about farming, nature and where their food comes from. We run courses (on everything from livestock management to bee-keeping), and receive school group visits."

I love what the GBFP are doing and I hope to do what I can to help. I love this back to basics approach and I wish the food industry would go back to this. When I have my own place I want to get meat from the butchers and grow my own fruit and veg, and buy from farms and markets. It may be seen as old fashioned but I just trust it a lot more and feel like it worked better this way, rather than the over shopped high demand that the food industry is in now ... but that's just my opinion. 

Sweet Dreams