1 December 2013

Karma Clothing.



*Dress Karma Clothing*
Shirt New Look
Necklace EBay
Rings Primark

 This week Karma Clothing send me this gorgeous Red Velvet Dress! I love some velvet at Christmas time and this dark dark red is absolutely perfect. I did realise when I got to work that I did look a little like Mrs Clause ... not intentionally. I wore it out that night and just took my shirt off from underneath, the low back is perfect for taking it from day to night. I'm really impressed by the fabric because its so soft, and sometimes velvet can look cheap but I don't think this dress looked cheap at all, and i know it'll be making may more appearances over Christmas.

I did have to alter the dress a bit, but that's not unusual for me, I need to alter most things, small people problems :(

I got this necklace last week and it hasn't been off my neck since, gets a lot of comments in work, a lot of people offering to rescue me from retail ... but none of them follow through.

Here are some of my favourites from the site, the prices are really good and they have loads of celebrity inspired ones which are really good looking dupes, also tons of great basics! 

(Must resist the urge to buy more swing dresses)

(My Friend has this dress and its so so gorgeous on!)

Give Karma Clothing a wee look!

I'm sure you'll find some wee beauties!

Sweet Dreams