8 December 2013

M&S Card Recyling.

So my 12 Deeds of Christmas isn't just charity related, it can just been a good deed. I am a bit of a grump when it comes to Christmas waste. Thousands of cards, bags and wrapping paper gets thrown out every year and it DRIVES ME CRAZY. 

I Hate Hate Hate waste of any sort, and over the years I've become a bit of an Eco warrior. I can't wait to have my own house where I can have my own wee recycling system, grow my own fruit and veg and ... I want some wee chickens for good eggs. 

I really think more people need to take care of our earth, and I think if everyone done just a little it would help. So today's deed is about doing our Mother Nature some good and being a little more Eco friendly this Christmas!

So once you are done with your Christmas cards there are a few things you can do with them.

Frame Them
Sometimes the cards you get are so pretty and if you frame them they make great quirky little are works!
Make Decorations
A cute idea is to cut all your old cards into triangles and make a wee Christmas bunting out if them. They will look quirky and unique and can be re used every Christmas! The Good Stuff Guide has loads of cute ideas! 


Recycle Them
Recycling your Christmas cards and other Christmas waste will ensure that less waste will go to landfill sites.

You can recycle your Christmas cards by simply taking your old cards down to your nearest Marks & Spencer January and pop them in the recycling bins in store. Its so easy and simple and if everyone done it think how much good it would do for our wee planet. 

Recycling your Christmas cards and other waste will help the Woodland Trust to plant more trees.

"If everyone in the UK recycles just one Christmas card at M&S this January, we will be able to plant more than 60,000 trees across the UK."

The bins will be in stores from the 2nd to the 31st of January 2014.

Sweet Dreams