2 December 2013

Yorkhill Hospital Santa Bungee.


This week, on Facebook I found out about The Yorkhill Children's Charity Santa Bungee which took place on the 30th of November. Obviously too late to take part in the jump its self. But since this is the 12 deeds of Christmas I wanted to mention it and help get some more attention and hopefully some more donations to the cause.

"This year we have teamed up with the Catherine McEwan Foundation to bring you a fantastic festive event – The Santa Bungee 2013. 

 We are inviting adrenaline seekers from all over Scotland to take part in this 40 metre leap of faith at the Highland Fling Bungee jump site at the picturesque Killiecrankie on Saturday 30th November 2013 – dressed of course as Santa!

Your leap of faith with help to raise vital funds for Yorkhill Children’s Charity and show your support for Scotland’s sick children including those who suffer from Crohn’s & Colitis.

The Catherine McEwan Foundation is dedicated to helping improve the lives of children who suffer from Crohn’s & Colitis and they have been long standing supporters of Yorkhill Children’s Charity.

What better way to get into the spirit of Christmas than by doing something fun and festive!" 
(Yorkhill.org Site)

So like I say unfortunately it was too late for me to take part, but I did manage to track down one Super Santa who was lovely enough to answer some questions before the big leap!
Name: Erin
Student Nurse
How did you find out about the Santa bungee?
"I found out about the Santa bungee jump through my mums friend. He has his own foundation on behalf of his mum who passed away from chrons and colitis 
The foundation always raises money for the children of Yorkhill who have this disease!"

Why did you want to take part in the bungee?
"I wanted to take part because I think it's an amazing cause! Myself being a student nurse it really touched me, I cannot think of anything better than helping these children and putting a smile on their face. Also because the foundation as it is my mums friend and I think he is absolutely wonderful in the fundraising he does!"

How much money have you raised so far? Do you have a target you'd like to reach?
"I've raised £155 on my just giving page and about £120 on a sponsor sheet. I don't really have a target as anything I can make is a bonus!!! I would like to make as much as I possibly could, I totally pester everyone to sponsor me but its worth it!"

(I gave a wee donation yesterday and Erin has raised an amazing £415 so far!)
How are you feeling about the big day?
"I am very excited about the jump, I love things like this! Although the closer it becomes the more kind of nervous I get ha ha! It is a 130foot jump! How can you not be nervous ha ha?!"

How have people reacted to you doing the bungee?
"People think I am crazy! But because of the charity I wouldn't have it any other way. My gran the poor soul is worried sick! She said she can't wait until I text her to tell her it is over ha ha. My friends keep saying 'omg what if it snaps?!' So they aren't helping ha ha. On the other hand the are proud that I'm doing it, people are so happy it's helping all the children. I feel as if its the least I could do!"

"I would also love if people could read up on chrons and colitis and see just what the disease means and they will maybe get a feel as to why I'm doing this!"

Thank You so much to Erin for letting me ask her a few questions and letting us get an insight into who's under those Santa suits! Just thinking about the jump makes me feel weird but I can only imagine the amazing rush it brought and its definitely all been worth it I'm sure. Well done Erin! Absolutely amazing!

The Yorkhill Children's Charity is an incredible organisation that I know brightens up so many lives darkened by diseases and illnesses. 

The donations made to the charity not only help the children affected and help find cures and ways to ease the pain, but they help the kids have as happy a life as possible while they are in hospital. The donations also help the families of these sick children, and helps to make their lives that little more bearable, helps them get through each day.

This Christmas these children, their families, doctors, nurses and staff at the hospital will all spend Christmas together in the hospital. So lets spare a thought for them this Christmas and be thankful for our good health and lets dig deep to help a wonderful cause and make this Christmas a little brighter for everyone at the Yorkhill Children's Hospital.

Sweet Dreams