24 January 2014

Little Bright Bran.




Shirt New Look
Dress Topshop
Skirt Vintage
*"Paula" Necklace Punky Pins*
Chain Primark
Rings Dads (My Good Luck Ring) & Primark
Belt River Island
Shoes New Look

#BLOGGERPROBLEMS when you accidentally delete your blog photos ... google is a wonderful thing. These were the only photos I was able to save - which sucks - but thankfully I got one outfit shot which is what I wanted to show. Phew.

I wanted something that showed off my style and was memorable. I think I achieved that ... theres no ignoring this colour scheme. I got this amazing full skirt at the Judy's Vintage Fair last Saturday. I couldn't believe the colour and I am all about these full skirts for spring. I kept the colours bright to stand out and added the shirt to make it look a little more formal. 

My Instagram followers will have seen that a few weeks ago I broke my "Paula" necklace and I was heartbroken. Don't get me wrong its replaceable but I broke down when it snapped. I've obviously been falling apart for weeks and when it broke I just got emotional and thought it snapping was symbolic of what I was going through ... haha, drama. Anyways the wonderful guys over at Punky Pins sent me over a replacement, which was so so nice, I was so happy when it came, you have no idea how much it meant to me and when I put it on today it made me feel great, you can't buy a feeling like that.

I wore this today to a job interview! If you follow my Twitter you will know one of the reasons why I left my current job, and believe me it was such a shock to leave my job without another ready. I never thought I'd do that in a million years, but I was making myself so ill I really couldn't take it anymore and everyday it was getting worse and worse and there comes a point were I had to put my health and well being first. I'm really lucky that I have 2 wages coming in and a lot of savings and since the only bills I have is dig money, cat food and a phone bill I'm not putting myself at risk of being homeless/in debt. I have no intentions of being unemployed for long, I will keep looking for jobs and I'm really excited about doing some volunteering and freelance work. I'm not the kind of person who sits still, I need to be going 24/7. Todays job is one I really really want and if I get it I will be so so so happy and grateful that my risk was worth it. Well its already worth it, I'm already feeling much better and although I will miss my old job so much and the real friends I made, I know I made the right choice, as much as the situation sucks.

 Never shit were you eat, and never fall for boys who lie about how they feel :/

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x