28 January 2014

Love My Boyfriend Jeans.




Top Primark
Blazer H&M
Jeans Primark
Hat Primark
Necklace Primark
*Bracelet Paul Mitchell*
Belt River Island
Boots Barratts

The aim for this week is to get my lips under control. I haven't bitten my nails for months and since I've been a taaaaaad stressed recently I have been ripping the skin off my lips. As I sit here right now I have layered them in bonjella to heal them ... 

I love todays outfit, completely unplanned, love when that happens. I have struggled to find things to wear with these boyfriend jeans even though I really like them. So I'm making them a project and I will try and experiment with them. 

I need to get one of these wee faux collar tops in white for summer. They were down to like 50p in Primark the other day so I bought all the ones in my size!

The lighting in my house is driving me insane! 
Going to try and get a bigger light, any suggestions guys?

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x