10 February 2014

Hair Update 8.

So this marks a year since I decided to shave all my hair off. 
Like I have said before I decided to do it then waited a few months before I actually done it!

I feel like the growing is slowing down now, but all my family say differently so I'm probably just used to it. I'm excited for it all to get a good bob style length and maybe then I will stop wearing my wig. I'm also almost at the point where I can pin it up so that I can get on of those fake buns! (Did I say all this last month? Probably!)

Everyone always asks what I'm going to do once it gets to the length I want it. Well once it gets long enough I will be ombre-ing the bottom of it. I think its too dark and I want to go back to blonde. However I don't want to touch my roots and then have to redo it again and again so the ombre will get the desired effect but not damage my hair as much. My hair does bleach in the sun though so it might naturally do it which would be even better!

It will be a year on the 7th of June and I'm planning something big for the anniversary which I will try to share soon!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x