12 February 2014

Its Freezin.

Body Primark
Top Topshop
Cape H&M
Jeans Primark
Necklace Primark
Ring Primark
Boots Primark

These photos are driving me insane! Is it awful that I'm trying to get my sister to move out so I can use her room for a white wall and good lighting? ... Hmmm. I need to get a better tripod and something to make the lighting better, anyone any ideas?

This outfit did not match the SNOW that was on the ground today! It was a bit summery for February. I'm loving my boyfriend jeans and these ones fit like a dream, so excited to wear them in summer (because its Scotland and I will still have to wear jeans) with wee Cami's and sandals. They are so versatile because you can wear them with oversized tees and converse for a casual look, or with shirts, heels and a nice blazer for a more chic look ... I like both.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x