18 February 2014

Mare Tartan.


Top Camden
Blazer H&M
Leggings Topshop

Posting this a little late as I wasn't feeling very well, but better late than never. 

I was a bit grumpy about paying £25 for leggings, but I'm not so bothered now since I've worn them a good few times already and despite the tartan being so bold I've thought of loads I could pair them with. They are easy enough to dress up or down too, so actually, £25 wasn't bad at all.

I've took all my photos this week via the good old mirror selfie but I'm hoping to get them a bit better cause I've ordered a 4ft tripod ... now I just have to think of a better lighting solution ... and you know ... stop sleeping in so I actually have time to take some photos!


Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x