4 February 2014

Snuggle Muffin.


(Photo Borrowed from Snuggle Muffin


Have you ever seen anything more adorable than mini macaroons?

While we where at the Rainbow Room the other night, some of the girls invited us along to another blogger night over at a wee bakery in town called Snuggle Muffin.

Once we got over we were greeted with amazing frozen candy cocktails and all the cakes and sandwichs we could eat. It was wonderful and the food was absoloutely fantastic! There was also a wee cake decorating competition to win a wee spa trip, you can see my entry up top. I call it the Katy Perry ;) it was deeeelish!

For it being an unexpected surprise to end up going to two blogger events, Snuggle Muffin was brilliant! The cafe Located is at 120 George Street Glasgow, Right behind Straphy Uni so its ideal for student lunches and pre lecture sugar rushes.

The Cafe does everything from cupcakes to high tea, sandwiches and even pancakes (Can you tell I'm foaming at the mouth!) On the website you can also book cake decorating classes and they also do catering for events.

Definitely head over I promise you won't be disappointed!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x