16 March 2014

Out of Office.

Top Camden
Shorts Forever21
Blazer H&M
Necklace Primark
Rings Primark and My Dad's
Boots Topshop 

I am currently sitting at my best friends house using her boyfriend's Mac because my other best friend is so hingin (Hungover, for all you non Weegies ... Weegies: Glaswegians) that she needs a wee disco nap before we go out tonight. 

I'm in Aberdeen visiting my best friend who moved up her. I've been to Aberdeen before and I loved it, great shopping, I'm hoping the night life is just as fun. We are meeting one of my other friends from school who moved here for Uni so I'm very excited that the 4 of us are going to be reunited again ... I can tell its going to be a messy one.

I will upload photos of what I wear this week! No doubt there will be minging photos all over Instagram ... enjoy.

I hope everyone had a truly messy Saturday! Happy Hangover Sunday!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x