24 March 2014

Weekend Rock Stars.



T-Shirt Abandon Ship Apparel (Obviously)
Beanie Primark


Dress H&M
Hat H&M
Necklace Primark 
Rings Primark


 I had a wee blog break this week, I planned on getting all the weeks posts done so I'm always a few days ahead ... yeah that didn't happen ... I am rubbish at life.

This weekend was all about rocking out ... kind of.

After doing like a million hours at work this week, I was very much looking forward to a relaxing weekend. So on Saturday I went to see Fall Out Boy, second time I've seen them this year and they were insane!!

After the gig I had a friends house party which was great but I think the lack of sleep/exhaustion/booze and weed on the bus took its toll and I was in bed by 2am, but it was still great to catch up with my old friends from school, I don't get to see them nearly as much as I'd like to ... and the weekend had drink, drugs and rock and roll.
(and AMAZING food courtesy of the Easter Party at work!)
So I wasn't a mega old lady being home early, Sunday was spend in bed, in a onesie, 

Roll on next weekend, and payday!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x