2 April 2014

Darkest of Hearts.




Shirt Topshop
Hat Urban Outfitters
Necklace Topshop
Rings Primark 

In spite of all my spreading the love in my Topshop "Burbs" inspired shirt and gold accessories, I was not feeling the love today. For the most part I am "Normal" about 90% of the time, sometimes I will have a wee down day. I can cope with them now though because they are only lasting a day or two and when they are done I'm so grateful to feel happy again. I would take one or two down days a week over how I was feeling for a while there any day. Its funny how one thing can flick your whole mood. I'm realising though, that maybe that is actually one door closing for another to open, and I hope and believe that whatever is through that door is going to be awesome!

It feels good to be a glass half full guy again :) 

Sweet Dreams 

Paula .. x