7 April 2014

Sweet Peaches.



Shirt Sainsbury's
Jeans Vintage
Scarf Vintage
Necklace H&M
Hat Urban Outfitters
Boots Topshop

April 7 2014. Today sucked all the dicks.
First, my shift didn't get changed properly which meant I had to get the train in, after about 3 hours sleep and it cost me almost a tenner, apparently the 6:15 train is PEAK TIME? Fuck you Scot rail. Plus I had no breakfast and had to do my make up on the train. Then I had to set up the shop for 5 hours which is hard hard work, which I didn't know about so my dress was ruined in all the dirt and all the escalators were off so I basically walked 9000 over 5 hours. By home time at 12 I was going straight back to bed. 

It was just one of those days when nothing goes to plan and you are just not motivated and you want to start the day again. Then I realised, I was actually relieved to have one of those days. It means life is .. Normal. My life is becoming normal again, it feels wonderful. The darkest times of depression are bad, but they make you so appreciative of little things.

When I sat to write this post my sister shouted me through to the bathroom (Where we have a wee radio) to tell me abut the news of Peaches Geldof's passing. I was a huge fan of Peaches style so she was someone I kept up to date with. The news breaks my heart for her family, and children and friends. Such a young mum and woman with a whole life ahead of her. Shes 1 year and 2 weeks older than me, and the age gap between her and her sister is the same as my sister and I. Its very frightening. Her Instagram over the past few days was just like any other, today shes gone.

I sit writing this post thinking about all the good in my life. I am one lucky, and very grateful girl.

Sweetest Dreams Peaches.

Paula .. x