18 May 2014

Hair Update 11.


*Real Life Face* (Apologies)

Next month is the big year anniversary of my head shave, WHERE HAS THE YEAR GONE?!?

Its incredible it has flown by!

I have been wearing my real hair out a few times and once again its just shy of being long enough to put in a bun, once it is that long it will probably been in a bun 24/7.

I've stopped buying wigs now, I don't see much point now as I don't see me needing to wear them that much longer, so now we might be moving on to hair extensions (EXCITED) just for nights out and times when I want to feel more dressy rather than back to when I was wearing them everyday.

What a year, next month I will have all the hair updates together to see how it has gone month to month, and I will keep going with my hair updates until it gets to be the length I want it, which hopefully will happen.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x