31 May 2014

New Vegan Life.

I just want to say at the start of this post that this is completely 100% MY opinion. I do not mean to offend anyone with my view nor is it my intention to put down anyone else's beliefs or opinions on the subject. This is just a story of my personal experience and what I have learnt from it.


At the start of the month my best friend and I decided to go Vegan for a month in an experiment to see how we felt afterwards and in an attempt to see if it would help him lose weight.  About 2 or 3 months ago my sister went Vegan so I thought it was a good opportunity to do it to have a support who could keep me on the right track.

So it started by changing all my dairy products, milk for Soy milk, cheese for vegan cheese, chocolate for vegan chocolate, yogurt for soy yogurt and even discovering Vegan mayonnaise! There is literally a Vegan substitute for everything!

I have discovered that there is a Vegan alternative for everything, and I’ve always thought “Why eat an animal if there is an alternative” and now this month has shown me that there really is no reason for me to eat animal products.
So my month of being Vegan … has turned to living a Vegan life. The first thing I learnt about being Vegan is that it involves making most of your meals from scratch, thankfully not too difficult for me, so not a big life change like it may be for others. Before I started this I was a big meat eater, I love eating and trying new things, my dad being a chef we are a house full of foodies and my sister and I have always been braver in what we eat than most others. We've cooked by ourselves from a young age and were never really brought up on processed foods. Pot noodles and cheese slices were banned in our house and to be honest our only unhealthy downfall growing up was a constant flow of Irn Bru.

The second thing I have learnt, is that there is always an alternative. Being Vegan is like being on a diet where nothing is off limits. As everything is meat and dairy free and most of what you eat is carbs, fruit and veg its already much healthier than eating processed foods constantly. I love the idea that everything is natural and that it doesn't have tons of salt and sugar pumped in it. A fruit smoothie maybe has 200 calories in it, id much rather 200 calories of that than 200 of pure processed crap. Good calories are good! Plus cooking everything yourself TASTES SO GOOD! I can taste every ingredient in my meal and its brilliant! I have loads of cookbooks and a vegan app to help me learn how to make vegan meals, but I don't really use recipes i just bung things together and hope for the best, 9/10 times it works ... and when it tastes rotten you don't do it again.

So that's what I have learnt so far!

Next week I will have a wee Q&A post up about the subject so if you want to ask anything just tweet me! @Brantastic_x and I'll reply here :) 

Also going to try and put up some recipes from time to time, but I'm not promising anything because I plan on doing these things then it goes out the window ...

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x