17 May 2014

Radio1 Academy.



Next weekend sees Glasgow host this years Radio1 Big Weekend! So in celebration the BBC have been running the BBC Radio1 Academy at Glasgow Uni.

The Academy had a whole host of activities to go along to. Radio Show, Panel Discussions, Fashion Shows, Q&As ... lots of fun stuff.

So I managed to get myself along to The Bold Souls fashion show and Panel Discussion on jobs in the fashion industry. It was a great event.

Fist we enjoyed a fashion show by Bold Souls, featuring Chou Chou Couture, Danni McWilliams and Rebecca Torres, then the Panel Discussion began.

On the Panel was Scottish Fashion Awards and Caledonista entrepreneur Tessa Heartmann, Disturbing London founder Dumi Oburota, Scottish designer Rebecca Torres, Photographer Stewart Bryden and the bearded babe himself Chris Millington.

The panel was a great line up because it took everything from the fashion industry, publishing, promotion, modelling, photography and design. So no matter what aspect of the fashion industry you are interested in there was something that everyone could learn from.

It was great to hear the stories of how all the guys started out and build themselves and their brands. I especially loved hearing the positive vibes about Scotland and the fashion industry. I make no secret of the fact I want Scotland on the fashion map. For years I wanted to move  to London and build myself up, but now I want to help make Scotland a fashion capital, and hearing the panels positivity and faith in Scottish fashion made me feel better that I am making the right decision.

The Radio1 academy was a great week and I'm very glad I went along, unfortunately I'm not going to the big weekend, but no worries! I'm sure I will meet my future husband Harry Style some other day, its destiny ...

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x