14 June 2014

Custom Phone Case.

A few weeks ago I was at the Paul Mitchell event with a few other bloggers and Genna had the most awesome phone case, her blog logo! I was determined I was going to get one, what a great idea! So Genna was telling me she had got it from Mr Nutcase!

A few weeks later Mr Nutcase put on their Instagram that they were looking for bloggers to review their cases, I was right on it!

The site is so easy, you just go on and choose the phone model, then select the type of case you want then it's just a matter of choosing the image you want!

I went for my own blog logo, because like I said I just thought it was a brilliant idea and a good way to shamelessly self promote! Cheeky cheeky! It's worked though I've had so many people ask about it and the blog so it works!

Thank you Mr Nutcase for sending me the case, I'm over the moon with it!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x