21 June 2014

The Vegan Kind Box 8.


At the start of the month I was kindly sent box 8 of The Vegan Kind subscription boxes!

I've been exstatic to try this box out! I've never done the whole subscription box this before, but I can see now why people love them so much. When I seen the box it was like Christmas ripping through to see what was inside!

So what was inside?

Chocolatey  Superfood Bites!
These where amazing, a little bitter for me, but once I mixed them in with my granola for breakfast the sweetness of the granola evened the bitterness out! I've struggled with chocolate since I became a Vegan so this was brilliant to give me that choccy fix!

Viva Hemp Shake!
I'll be honest I'm not really sure what these shakes are, my sister says they are good for boosting energy and she adds them in to her fruit shakes for that extra boost. I'll be more honest, I hated this. Not my thing at all, give me a fruitie any day. Again though, my sister said that what she liked about this was that its much smoother than any other shake shes tried, so if your looking for something that doesn't feel grainy when you drink it, this is it!

Mr Organic Pesto!
I feel like I'm being really fussy, but I'm not much of a pesto fan in terms of putting it in pasta, I also hate tomoatoes. However we use pesto in our vegan pizza at home, so we used it for this and its amazing, sun dried tomatoes aren't overly tomatoey for me so I love the tangy taste it gives rather than the over powering tomato flavour.

Peppy Galore Toner!
I love this, made from rose water it smells absolutely gorgeous and it leaves me skin feeling so refreshed! I think if your off on holidays and your not intending to wear much make up on the beach this is ideal for keeping you cool and fresh

 Ten Acre Crisps!
These were my favorite thing in the box by far! When I seen them I literally ran in to the kitchen to make a cheese n onion crisp sandwich! Oh god I have missed them! With these now I don't have to ever again!!!

I was very impressed with my box and  I highly recommend subscribing if your looking to expand your Vegan goodies list, especially if you are just starting out and you are missing out on things, like chocolate and cheese n onion crisps ...

Find out more and to sign up to the Vegan Kind Boxes Here!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x