31 August 2014

The Vegan Kind Box 10.

Freedom Strawberry Marshmallows
These are me favourite thing from this VK box! Hands down the best, tastiest mallows ever!!! I highly reccomend these and I can't rave about them enough!

Breakfast Bar
This is. Great wee bar, I've always said I'm not a massive fan of vegan chocolate but this bitterness is really evened out because of the chewy vanilla granola bar.

Nope. Rank. I really did not enjoy these. I'm not sure what other things you could use them for, maybe on salads? Not for me though, just not a good taste or texture for me, if they done a dry fruit alternative then is probably love it.

Ahhh I loved these! People forget that household things like this aren't vegan and can be tested on animals, so they are harder to find. These were great and no less effective than non vegan ones so I'm sold and my mum has been ordered only to buy these washing tabs!

I love that more and more popcorn companies are doing salt and sweet bags! It's my favourite and I always get it mixed at the cinema! This popcorn was a little different because the sweet was more a toffee popcorn, so if that's how you like your corn this is the one!

Sweet Dreams 

Paula .. x