29 November 2014

A Lush Christmas.

A Few weeks ago I headed over to Lush Buchanan Street for their Christmas preview night!

I love going to Lush events, I feel like I come out with a list as long as my arm of new products I have learnt about and of course HAVE TO HAVE!

As usual Lush have loads of Christmas themed products and gift sets ideal for presents ... for yourself or others ... preferably yourself though.

But if you don't want to buy a whole gift set then you can always opt of present shaped bath bombs, soap you can build into snowmen, lotions that smell like Christmas pudding there are tons of products to choose from.

As usual the night was brilliant, the staff at Lush are always amazing and put on a brilliant night, and even out of events I always get amazing service in store!

Lush, well, they are just bloody Lush!


My Lush Christmas List!

Peace Massage Bar
The peace bar is an amazing products! Made using cocoa butter from the Peace Villages of San Jose de Apatardo in Colombia. The village is made up of people who have chosen to live peacefully admit the countries civil war disputes. The proceeds go to the villages to help them thrive and survive! I love it, such a wonderful concept and inspiring group of people. I love products with a story behind them.

Roots Scalp Treatment
This treatment smells amazing, I'm not a huge fan of manufactures smells, and thats why i like this one, it smells very natural and not over powering. I will have to test it of course but I've heard good things. I do sometimes suffer dry scalp because of hair extensions so a little treatment once a week will do me a world of good I'm sure.

You Snap The Whip Body Butter
 I can't actually remember if it was the smell or the texture of this I fell in love with, i just have in big notes on my phone "BUY THIS" so when i go back in to buy it i will have a read at the description, and feel it, and smell it ... but thats normal in Lush right?

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x