30 November 2014

Howdah Givaway.

After my The Vegan Kind Box 12 Review, the guys over at Howdah contacted me and asked me to review a couple of their products. I had really enjoyed the ones I had got in my box so of course I took them up on the offer.

You know some people are sweetie lovers, or can't go a day without chocolate or juice ... well thats me with crisps. If someone said you have to give up all other treats but you can still have crisps, I'd happily take that deal. I've actually found it more difficult than I first thought to find Vegan crisps. So far there has only been one completely Vegan brand of crisps I have found. Howdah are suitable for both Vegetarians and Vegans and there are 6 flavours to choose from AND they are also Gluten free ... I don't really like gluten free stuff so the fact that these taste amazing shows it is possible.

The flavours I was sent are the Masala Banana Chips and the Bombay Puri.

When the guys originally told me they were sending the Masala Banana Chips I was a bit sceptical. There are only 2 foods in the world I cannot stand, raw tomatoes and bananas. So I was worried that I would hate them. I ate the whole bag in one sitting ... they were amazing! I actually would say they're my favourite of all the flavours I've tried. They're not overly spicy and taste great. I love Indian food, any spicy food, but I struggle when spices take away from the flavour. 

The Bombay Puri ones are great too. I think though I'd be more likely to eat them at a party, like as a wee table nibble. They were a bit spicier than the Banana Chips so I'd only be able to handle a few at a time, but with the banana ones I'd buy them for my lunchbox to eat every day. aha. On that note I think they would be brilliant for party bowls, or if your having Vegan buffet, a good alternative to your missing Pakora dishes!

Howdah have also given me a wee giveaway for you guys! So you can experience the amazing tastes for yourself! They are giving you guys the chance to win the 6 flavours below! All you have to do is comment below, or Like the giveaway on my Instagram.(@Brantastic_x)

The winner will be announced on Instagram on Monday 8th December!

Its Easy! Good Luck! 


Sweet Dreams 

Paula .. x