2 November 2014

The Vegan Kind Box 12.


I think this box has been my best box so far, there isn't an item in this one I didn't enjoy!

This was a great wee breakfast bar, not to sweet nor too dry and the texture is more like a cereal bar rather than an oat bar, which I prefer. This was the original flavour, so I'm eager to try some of the other flavours that they have.

I was so excited when I opened these,  I'm not ashamed to say that I eat A LOT of cookies so vegan ones were very exciting to me. I'm not really in to double chocolate but I liked these, and once again there are loads of different flavours that I can try.

I LOVE LOVE LOVED these. when I first tried them I wasn't too sure .. but the minuet you hit that raspberry bit and the chocolate and berry tastes merge, oh my god! I think I'm definitely going to get these as a sweet treat to add to my lunches at work. I doubt I will ever get sick of raspberries but if I did they have all different kinds. They are a brilliant portion size for lunch boxes too, which is good so that it keeps me from eating millions of them!

Again, these where brilliant. I am a big lover of Indian food so these where demolished. I love spicy food but I'll be honest i had to eat these slowly. I can imagine if your a real curry connoisseur you would devour these. Also if your a vegan having a party these are great for nibbles without non vegan guests moaning.

Triumph Balm
I didn't read the instructions on this balm and for a week I was putting it on my lips. Apparently its £50 for a full pot, so it must do some good. It had anti ageing built in, I'm only 24 but if something has some anti ageing built in, I'm going to be all over it. I've been dabbing it under my eyes and the skin does look tighter and definitely not as dark as before, but for £50 if it doesn't make me look 18 then I wouldn't be paying it! 

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x