13 December 2014

NKD SKN Fake Tan.

The Guys over at NKD SKN recently send me over a sample of their medium mousse instant tan. 

I've stopped tanning every day recently, and instead I've only been tanning for nights out. Its actually not been as bad as I thought it would be, I think since its winter and I'm covered head to toe, but when it gets to spring time I will be back to tanning every single day. Why do I have such pale skin? :(

The timing could haven't been more perfect as its obviously Christmas party season and I've been looking for a good instant tan just for my party. They sent me the Mousse with a mit (Thank God cause I didn't have one) in medium, the colour came out great and after 2 coats it was the perfect shade ... next time I'd go for the dark as I do like a deep tan.

The mousse went on smooth and well, no patchy-ness or dry skin exposure ... always a good start.

The pain with instant tan is rain .. or people dropping drinks on you .. thats the only downside for me because it is always raining here so ultimately I will always opt for a building tan, but I was really impressed with NKD SKN and would definitely buy from them, I also loved the mit, one of the best ones I have used as there was no running onto the inside of my hand. 

Sweet Dreams 

Paula .. x