5 April 2015

Armstrongs At Topshop Argyle St.

A few weeks ago Topshop Argyle Street Glasgow welcomed a new vintage concession, Edinburghs very own Armstongs! 


For anyone not familiar with Armstongs I'll fill you in! Armstongs is a vintage clothing emporium from Edinburgh. They currently have 3 stores in the capital and this concession in Topshop is the only place to find it in Glasgow.

Glasgow is obviously filled with amazing vintage stores , but since I'm not from Edinburgh Armstrongs is really the only one I know of, so I will always make the effort to pop in to at leaste on of the stores when I'm in!

I do have my favourite from the three stores which is the Clerk Street Store. I think because I'm always up that side of Edinburgh that's just my go to one, but I always manage to find something out of the ordinary! 

However I highly recommend the Grass market store for a visit as the store itself just has to be seen! It's like what I'd imagine living in a wardrobe house would be like, just floor to ceiling of clothes! Heaven!

So I've picked my top finds from the Argyle Street concession! Just to get you a little excited!

They have new stock come in once a week so I recommend a Friday to get the best before it's gone.

They have a really good varied selection of things to choose from. Lots of sparkly going out things, then you have really cool rocky stuff and vintage band tees, loads of amazing boho dresses and jackets and more vintage denim Levi's than Kesha herself.

They also have some few wee designer gems, I got a wee Fred Perry Polo for £15! 

The prices are amazing too! Glasgow vintage prices I tend to find are cheaper than more other places I've been but in Armstrongs concession I haven't seen anything for more than £50!

So yeah definitely head down to Topshop Argyle Street for some vintage bargains!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x