3 April 2015


Last weekend I headed over to Silverburn Shopping Center to attend thier #springbeautyfix event!

For the event we started off with a blogger Breakfast ... An event with good food, that's the way to my heart!

The theme of the event was basically like a spring clean of all your beauty products! So they had a beauty amnesty, which was that if you brought in 5 old beauty products then you would get a free £10 gift card for Silverburn, which I thought was an ABSOLOUTELY GENIUS idea! I mean £10 is a good amount of money to treat yourself so why not! Plus I love any form of recycling!

As part of the blogger breakfast we also got to see a make up demo of Armanis new products. The artist was explaining that all of these products are the same ones used in the recent shows, so she was showing us how to achieve the "Armani Glow" look. Which was to me, a natural dewy glow! Perfect for that fresh spring look.

I'll be honest I don't use any Armani Products, but the look was absolutely gorgeous and I have been using a few techniques that she showed us and I feel like my make up is looking great right now (No Biggy!)

I apologise for these appalling photos! I smashed my iPhone the day before and had to use my mums iPhone 4, absolute rubbish!

I also apologise to anyone who was there that I was a total awkward turtle around, I was still a bit out of it from the dentist that morning! 

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x