16 May 2015


On Wednesday I was invited along to Breakfast at Debehams as part of their #knowyoursize Bra fitting event!

I've never - yip never - had a bra fitting before so I was really excited to go along and get fitted.




After stuffing our faces with breakfast goodies we learned about the whole process of making a bra. From fabrics, to shapes, wires and even onto nightwear and supported swimwear.

Debenhams have an amazing lingerie section full of brands and shapes for all occasions so you can imagine its like being like a kid in a sweetie shop. I thought it wouldn't really cater for the smaller busted girl, but thankfully I was wrong.


After raiding the shop I took my sets in to try on, before the assistant fitted me for my real size.

I went in a 28A and left a 28D ... the cheapest boob job of my life.

Apparently 75% of women are wearing the wrong bra ... but to be fair I was always aware I was wearing the wrong bra ... well whenever I wear a bra, which is probably less than one day a month, the gals like to be free what can I say.



So this is me in the wrong bra ... a 32A.

I know I'm a 28 back, but nowhere sells 28 or 30 so I just go 32 for ease ... which is probably another reason why I don't bother wearing one.


In the end this is the bra I went for ... my old faithful cup-less, pad-less, clip-less bra.

I am just not a shaped bra person, I feel like they are up at my chin, go away pests.

This bra is hands down the greatest bra I have ever had, without a doubt. I never usually feel any support with these bras which I didn't realise I needed until now.

This one came in 6 colours! I'm getting all of them!

Thanks Debenhams!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x