30 May 2015

My New Job.


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So anyone who has been a reader for a while will know that it has been my goal for a few years now, to become a personal shopper!

I am very, very, VERY! happy to tell you all that I finally achieved that goal!

I've been in the job about 3 weeks now, and its just been non stop, hence why its taken me 3 weeks to finally share the good news!

Here is my little "office" based in Topshop, Glasgow Argyle Street.

Its beautiful isn't it! 
Its actually the same design as the 5th Avenue store, a little piece of NYC glamour in Glasgow.


So for anyone who doesn't know what Personal Shopping at Topshop is like, well its a lot of fun!

All you have to do to book an appointment is to contact the PS booking line, Online or By Phone, which you can find here. Or if you are really keen you can come right in to store and the personal shoppers will be happy to book you in there and then.

The information that the shoppers need will be things like; your style likes and dislikes, your sizes, different items you need and for what occasion and any other relevant information we might need to build a brief for you. We then use that brief to pull items in store we think you will love. Easy peasy! All the best bits about shopping without having to lug a huge pile of clothes around the store. 

Throughout the appointment the shoppers will be on hand to give honest style advice and opinions to help you leave feeling a million dollars. We will also do all the running about for you, you need another size, we got it! You'd like more colours, we'll find them! "what would go well with these?" we know just the thing!

The best thing about the service is that it is completely FREE for any Topshop customer. I think a lot of people think that you have to pay to do it, or that there is a minimum spend involved, but nope, its completely free. 

There are appointments for any occasion, some people book appointments for Birthday treats, special occasions like weddings and honeymoons, at the moment it is all about the holiday shop! We have a number of appointments specifically tailored to each type of clients requirements, but every appointment is bespoke to the customer and what they need and want.


These first few weeks in the job have been a blast, I've met so many new people and after years of being a sales assistant with 10,000 things to do, I feel like I am finally able to give that above and beyond service, and it makes such a huge difference to get to know your customers on a higher level, real job satisfaction.

I've been non stop for weeks, and to be honest I don't really mind if it doesn't slow down, I'm loving every minuet of it.

Over the summer Topshop Personal Shopping Glasgow is going to be making big waves. We have loads of amazing events planned and we can't wait! 

We recently had our first event with #Blow Finneston in Glasgow and I will be sharing the details in tommorows post, it was a great event and, like I say, there are more coming in the summer.

 See you there!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x