2 August 2015

AirSpace Fitness Classes.

On Monday night I headed to a a freestyle fitness class at Airspace in East Kilbride. 

I was invited along to try out one of their new classes, and I jumped (see what I did there) at the chance.

The fitness classes have just started at Airspace and are guaranteed to burn between 500 to 1000 calories in an hour, amazing!

If you have never been to Airspace before, the classes all run for £13 and then you pay £1.50 for these super sexy special trampoline socks. They help you grip to the tramps for better bounce.

You get to keep the socks though so you can just keep them for next time.

The class began with a warm up to stretch out all the muscles. Bouncing is more strenuous than your average work out so you need a good warm up. We stretched everything from my neck to wrists, better safe than sore.

Once the warm up is done the real fun begins. I didn't get any photos of the work out because you have to try it for yourself. 

The workout involved a series of difference jumps in 30 second to one minuet reps. 

Let me tell you 30 second job on a trampoline is much harder than you think it will be so you know it's working. 

10 minuets on the trampolines is the equivalent to 30 minuets of running. 

I have been out of the gym for a few weeks so doing this workout was a brutal way to get back in the game. 

But I loved it!

The class I attended was a Free Style fitness class with instructor/personal trainer Liam ... Who kicked my ass.

Classes are £13 and run 
Monday To Sunday
9am - 10am
10am - 11am
7pm - 8pm
8pm - 9pm

with a variety of fitness levels.

To book in all you have to do is book in online or call.

All info here

Airspace have also recently launched 
Trampoline Coaching to teach you how to bounce like a pro!
Again lessons are £13 and range from beginner to intermediate.

Thank you so much to the Airspace team and my instructor Liam for having me along! 
I had a blast and I want to leave my job to work at Airspace. 

It's awesome!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x