1 August 2015

Kiehls Glasgow.

I have had a week of fun blog events this week!

On Friday night I was off to Kiehls with the girls for a night of beauty, booze and catch ups!

The event was held in the Kiehls Buchanan Street store in celebration of The Merchant City Festival: Fashion Cultures. 

The store was absolutely packed with guests enjoying performances from Pin Up dancers  and whiskey cocktails, it's not a party until there is whiskey.

There was also a photo booth competition to win loads from local brands and stores. Photo booths are always a great idea, I love them!

This is the first event I have been to with Kiehls but they had a really good idea for giving out their goodie bags! It's was basically like a raffle, you got 3 different tickets and you took each ticket to a different area and you got something different from each brand taking part. I loved this, it was like Christmas! But it was great for getting to speak to all the brands one on one, you got to speak to them in Depth about what they were up to and what's happening in the future, rather than just a general speech. I though it was a genius idea! And loads of fun too!  

I hope this won't be my last Kiehls event because it was loads of fun, one of the best events I've been to in a while. Everyone involved should be very proud! 

Well done; Kiehls, Only, Sweaty Betty, Dower and Hall and everyone involved on such a great night!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x