22 September 2015

Escape To London.

OH HAII, Long time no see Bran ...



Top Topshop
Skirt Forever21
Jacket Vintage
Necklace Primark
Sunglasses Rayban
Shoes Converse


Last weekend I spend the weekend down in London.

I have been a bit MIA because I have had a very tough few weeks at work, but now I have a new boss in the office and normal service has resumed.

Because of this I decided I needed a relaxing weekend to unwind, and just by chance I also got a tax rebate, so off to London I ran!

I haven't been to London for so so so long, I used to go all the time but since splitting with a former boyfriend I've only been down the once.

It really was a relaxing one though, I just hit Oxford Street/Harrods/Selfridges and my favourite place in the city, Camden <3 absolute="" and="" ate="" bliss.="" food="" for="" friends="" just="" loads="" of="" relaxed="" shopping="" some="" span="" then="" with="">

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x