22 January 2016

H&M Pineapple Skirt.

Top Topshop
Skirt H&M 
(For Sale on Depop @Brantastic_x)
Shoes Barratts

This is what I wore for a night out in Stirling for my friends birthday. Since I haven't been shopping since I left Topshop I am trying to make the most of what is in my wardrobe. This skirt for instance, I am selling it on Depop but since I couldn't find ANYTHING else I wanted to wear I decided to pull it out for one last time. It's fun, young (exactly what I needed going out to a student night in a student town with students who were very keen to know what I was studying... Very sweet but I'm 105 years old and that ship has saileddddd...) and keeps my legs covered since it was snowing outside.

It shouldn't be hard to make the most of my wardrobe since I have tons of clothes, but I'm struggling for inspiration at the moment, in everything! 

Blogging wise I have set up a plan that in my days off I will chose my outfits for the following week and photograph them in one day. I really don't like doing this because it feels unnatural to me, as if I'm cheating but I'm thinking it's the only way I'm going to get photos and outfits most days. I'm also thinking it will entertain me on my days off since I have no money spare to do anything fun, but more on that later...

Sweet Dreams

Paula x