8 April 2016

Bran Gets Gunged.

Anyone who has been reading for a while will know I will do just about anything to raise money for a good cause! 

The sillier the better!

Recently I was asked if I would take part in doing something fun to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust. Obviously I was very interested but of course you get that nervy moment when you wonder what stupid thing your going to have to do?

So the challenge was to get gunged on camera and have people donate to see the video!

So of course I was up for it! For anyone who grew up watching Fun House or Live n Kickin get gunged is basically a childhood dream come true!

I enlisted the help of my 2 little cousins to get gunged with me, I thought since it's a charity for Teen Support, why not get some teenagers involved to really hit the message home. They were absolute stars for getting involved and it was so much fun to be able to share it with them!

I have a target of £150 and once that is reached the video will be released! Simple

But I think we can do better than £160!

I'm asking all my followers to give as much or as little as they like! If all my followers donated just £2 each, that's over £2000!!

Cancer is such a tough thing for anyone to go through, but the teenage years can be a tough time any way! Then when you become an adult you realise that it's actually the best time of you life! Imagine having that taken away from you?

The Teenage Cancer Trust gives young cancer patients the chance to do teen things like days out, go to events, gigs and just mingle with other teens who are going through what they are, and feel like a "Normal" teenager!

They bring normality to a very confusing and frightening time of someone's life and I truly believe that what they do will help give people the strength to fight cancer harder! 

Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated, and that you to anyone who does! I really appreciate it and the charity will too!

Sweet Dreams
Paula x