8 April 2016

Hunted Vintage Launch.

I am a huge lover of vintage clothes, especially the variety in Glasgow, I think it's all about timing to get something magical but even in that Glasgow has been the spot where I have discovered most of my beauties. 

So when I was invited along to the launch party of a brand new Glasgow Based vintage company, of course I was there.

Hunted Vintage is the brain child of a lovely fellow blogger Nicole Perry. For the past few weeks she has been teasing us with little sneak peaks of the pieces available on Instagram. So I've been very excited. 

Hunted Vintage has a great concept that I've been in love with since I first heard it;

"Let us do the hunting for you" 

Already in my mind I'm anticipating some special finds perhaps a little different from what Glasgow is already offering?

So the launch itself was held in new Glasgow Club, SWG3, in the Poerty Club. First time I've been in and it was a great venue for something like this. Three different areas to enjoys the night, the bar area for greeting and mingling, a dance area for anyone in it for the long haul, and a space dedicated just to the clothes ... That's where I'm headed!

This is my Caz, she has an AMAZING BLOG ... Check it out now! 

We checked out the clothes and took some outfit shots, obviously. I feel really bad I didn't get more photos, I think we had got there a little late and a lot of people had things in their hands that they were not letting go of until it went on sale, I would have done the same :)

Everything available in the night (that is still left) is online now here!

Thank you very much to Nicole and the Hunted team for having me along! 
Well done! 
I'm excited to see what Hunted bring in the future ... More Dior Please!

Jacket Altered/Customised ASOS
Top Topshop
Trousers Primark
Neck Tie Topshop
Brooch Camden
Bag Vintage
Shoes New Look

I really wanted to wear something that was vintages, I was in such a rush to get out though that I just threw this together!
I've wearing this "duster" loads before on the blog, but if you don't know that story, it's basically a size 18 cold shoulder shirt that I got for £1.50 in a charity shop. I cut off the collar, pulled in the shoulders, and there you go, floral duster of dreams!

Sweet Dreams
Paula x